Welcome to the website of Mette Thomsen, Danish writer. Born 1970, into the magic brown and orange world of the seventies, she grew up being a dreamer and an escapist. Despite this or perhaps prompted by it, she had her first novel, ’Confessions of a superhero’, published in 1994 (nominated for the Weekendavisen literary award). Since then she has written several books, among them one novel for adolescents and one collection of poems, and recently the 2009 novel ’Six’ – based on the six degrees of separation theory (also known as The small world problem). Describing six different people and including a memorable, intense portrait of the Danish queen Margrethe home alone, the book tells the bittersweet tale of humans interrelated in various, sometimes mysterious ways and yet being alone inside themselves.

Selected earlier work

Confessions of a superhero
A tale of Emma Smith, who reinvents herself as the classic comics hero and in the process fights not only outer but also inner demons in this small, charmingly twisted debut.

About a young womans complete transformation of herself by the means of plasticsurgery, during which she is suddenly confronted with something thus far neglected, utterly precious – and threatening.

Samleren, Publishing Company (Rosinante + Co)

Earlier work
Lindhardt og Ringhof, Publishing Company (Ashehoug)
foto: Les Kaner